The Fifth Asia Information Retrieval Symposium (AIRS 2009)

October 21-23, 2009 at Conference Hall Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.

In cooperation with ACM SIGIR ACM Logo and IPSJ SIGFI

The Asia Information Retrieval Symposium (AIRS) aims to bring together researchers and developers to exchange new ideas and latest achievements in the field of information retrieval (IR). The scope of the symposium covers applications, systems, technologies and theory aspects of information retrieval in text, audio, image, video and multimedia data. The Fifth AIRS (AIRS 2009) welcomes submissions of original papers in the broad field of information retrieval. Technical issues covered include, but are not limited to:
  • IR Theory and Formal Models
  • IR Evaluation, Test collections, Evaluation methods and metrics,Experimental design, Data collection and analysis
  • Interactive IR, User interfaces and visualization, User studies, User models, Task-based IR, User/Task-based IR theory
  • Web IR, Intranet/enterprise search, Citation and link analysis, Adversarial IR
  • Distributed IR, Fusion/Combination, Digital libraries
  • Cross-language retrieval, Multilingual retrieval, Machine translation for IR
  • Video and image retrieval, Audio and speech retrieval, Music retrieval
  • Topic detection and tracking, Routing, Content-based filtering, Collaborative filtering, Agents, Spam filtering
  • Question answering, Information extraction, Summarization, Lexical acquisition, NLP for IR
  • Text Data Mining and Machine Learning for IR

October 16, 2009
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October 8, 2009
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September 12, 2009
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June 5, 2009
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